TAPROOT Hand Dyed Reversible Jacket

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Introducing our reversible jacket. This jacket features two sides, one side in cotton and the other in smooth terry fabric. Both sides are fitted with hand pockets and vintage bronze buttons. On the cotton side, the garment has a rich texture to enhance the vintage touch. Like every TAPROOT products, they are hand dyed with plants.

一件TAPROOT 的雙面外套,能夠帶2種不同的風格。簡約的設計帶有細節,內外都有側袋,方便實用。而鈕扣上,運用了古銅和圓形的簡潔,滲透出一種復古味道。而所選取的布料帶有紋理,經人手藍染和薯茛染後,令紋理更加突出,視覺和手感上都充滿質感。


As all the garments are hand dyed with plants, every single piece of them is unique as their color may differ slightly. More than that, this traditional way of dyeing allows the color to fade as you wear them over time. They will age beautifully according to how you wear it, making them a part of you and blend into your style.



On the terry side, we have chosen a smooth and light terry fabric. Apart from their quality (not easy to fall off) and a smooth texture, they are more comfortable for you to wear in place that is not too cold, like Hong Kong.



We hope you enjoy our products and feel free to reach out anytime!


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