Founded in 2020, TAPROOT is an inhouse fashion label of ANDJOY Store. TAPROOT refers to the central, large, and dominant roots of certain plants. In fact, most trees begin their life with it as an anchor. And just like a TAPROOT, our designs are anchored to our belief, reminding us of who we are and what we love. TAPROOT clothing features minimal and timeless designs. The fabrics are all hand dyed in a traditional and natural way. They are meant to last for generations and become part of your life.

於2020年,香港時裝公司ANDJOY Store 成立本地品牌TAPROOT 。意思解作主根,是某種植物才會長出的主要根部。創辦人理念是忠於自己,造出自己喜歡的風格,不受時裝潮流所影響。TAPROOT希望能造出帶有簡約設計且有細膩細節的服裝,此外, 不論布料、染色或輔料都親自篩選,注重視覺效果外,更要有品質要求。令這些耐穿耐看的服裝能夠一代傳一代。